Foundation: The Essentials

Begin your journey with our Foundation package, a 75-hour state-approved pre-license course,
● Practice Exam Questions. Challenge your understanding with 1000 unique real estate
exam practice questions.
● Guided Learning. Benefit from timely guidance and clarifications from our course
experts via email.
● Auditory Learning Assistance. Enhance your understanding with comprehensive
audio guides for all lessons.
● Career Kickstart Guide. Discover how to choose the right sponsoring broker through
our informative mini-course.

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Advanced: Comprehensive and Engaging

Our Advanced package is a popular choice, bundling our pre-license course with extensive
resources for a thorough preparation for sitting your real estate license North Carolina exam:
● Interactive Study Aids. Access a wealth of learning resources – 75 videos, 70 audio
lessons, and digital flashcards – to grasp key real estate concepts.
● Extensive Question Bank. Dive deeper into preparation with 1,660+ extra practice
exam questions, covering both National and State aspects.
● Exam Prep Companion. Supplement your learning with our comprehensive eBook
featuring more than 100 pages of exam prep content.

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Elite: All-Inclusive Learning Experience

For the most comprehensive learning experience, choose our Elite package. Here's what you
will receive when signing up for our most advanced real estate license North Carolina classes
● Personalized Tutoring. Schedule a 1-hour private tutoring session with a real estate
expert for tailored learning.
● Interactive Webinars. Learn core real estate concepts through live webinars with full
access to past webinar archives.
● Expert Q&A Sessions. Join us every Friday to ask our experts your questions and get
insightful answers.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Expertly Curated Courses
Our courses are meticulously crafted by professionals who bring hands-on experience in North Carolina’s real estate market. Their practical insights and wisdom translate into a curriculum that is current, comprehensive, and designed to arm you with the skills you need to succeed.

Learning at Your Pace
Everyone learns differently, and we respect that. Our self-paced learning model provides you
the freedom to progress according to your schedule and comfort. This ensures a more
productive and stress-free learning experience.

Engaging and Interactive Coursework
Learning should be dynamic, not static. Our real estate license North Carolina course content
goes beyond text, integrating engaging video lessons, audio segments, and insightful practice
questions that keep you actively involved and intellectually stimulated.

Remote Learning for the Modern Professional
We understand that flexibility is crucial in today's fast-paced world. To accommodate diverse
schedules, our real estate license North Carolina online courses can be accessed from
anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
Ready to take the first step towards your real estate license NC? Let us guide you on this exciting journey today!